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Hey, Zoe here!

I'm a freelance Production Assistant, working mostly in the commercial film and TV space.


I love a good call sheet, a hot oat latte, and some great on-set radio banter. I have a BA in Media and Communications, as well as Sociology (oooh) and know how to make a pretty good English breakfast tea (so I'm told). If you've met me, you'll know I love dogs (my pup is a kelpie named Lexi) and getting outdoors and on the water.

I've worked on 4wd shoots, on set with snakes, and stepped-in to help many departments. I've catered for a set of 20 people for 4 days in the rain in the middle of the bush, and successfully delivered 30 iced lattes down backroads on a sweaty summer's day. I'm always up for a challenge, and the chance to be on another set!

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